Oklahoma City Semi Truck Accidents

If you are in an Oklahoma City semi truck accident you must hire a skilled and competent attorney. Sharing the road with 18-wheelers can be nerve-wracking. A typical fender-bender with another passenger car, while annoying, is almost never life-threatening. However, the slightest amount of contact with a truck can result in a horrendous accident. Contact  semi truck accident lawyer if you have been involved in a semi truck accident.

Ways to avoid an Oklahoma City semi truck accident:

Stay away from trucks: The first tip for avoiding semi truck accidents in Oklahoma City is simple: stay away from them. Always remain alert while driving and note the location of any semi trucks in your vicinity.

Do not tailgate: Never tailgate a semi truck driver. If the driver stops suddenly you may rear-end their semi truck. While rear-ending a passenger vehicle can cause minor injury, rear-ending a semi truck can be fatal. Additionally, if a semi truck is tailgating you, change lanes so he or she can pass you. Aggressive truck drivers who tailgate can cause serious semi truck accidents in Oklahoma City.

Drive defensively, not offensively: When you are driving you should always be attentive and focused on the road and other drivers around you. Rather than driving aggressively, remain alert and respond to the actions of other drivers.

Obey the speed limit: Speeding is not only illegal but it can also increase your chances of being involved in a semi truck accident in Oklahoma City. By obeying the speed limit you will be able to react quickly to semi trucks around you.

Report reckless drivers: If a truck in front of you is driving recklessly do not hesitate in reporting them. Careless or negligent drivers are not only hazardous to you, but also to other drivers on the road.

Make sure the semi truck driver can see you: If you must pass a semi truck driver, make eye contact with him or her in the side view mirror of the truck. Trucks have large blind spots and often have difficulty spotting passenger cars that are coming alongside them. If you suffer an injury from a negligent truck driver, contact a semi truck accident attorney in Oklahoma City immediately.