18 Wheeler Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

Automobile accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. However, 18 wheeler accidents in Texas are almost always much more devastating than passenger car collisions. Semi trucks can weigh more than twice as much as cars, have poor handling, and are difficult to stop. These already dangerous vehicles can lead to fatal accidents if they are in the hands of an irresponsible or negligent driver.

Reasons an 18 wheeler accident in may occur:

Driver fatigue: An exhausted or fatigued driver of an 18 wheeler is extremely dangerous to everyone on the road. Tired 18 wheeler drivers are not only less alert, but may also fall asleep and swerve into oncoming traffic. Sometimes 18 wheeler drivers will keep driving regardless of how many hours they have logged in order to stay on schedule.

Driver intoxication: Truckers who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose a serious danger to passenger cars. Their movements are often erratic and careless and can cause serious injury in the event of an accident. If you have been injured by an intoxicated driver, contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney   immediately.

Defective vehicle: Every component of an 18 wheeler must be maintained and in perfect working condition. Defective tires can fly off into traffic and cause serious accidents. Additionally, faulty brakes can prevent an 18 wheeler from stopping in time. A defective hitching system can also cause trailers to detach causing serious injury to other drivers.

Distracted driver: 18 wheeler drivers who are distracted in any way are hazardous to other drivers. Eating, drinking, cell phone usage, and other activities while driving can cause serious injury or even death.

Speeding: The chances of a truck driver causing a fatal accident increase significantly if he or she is speeding. Due to their massive size and weight, speeding trucks can cause catastrophic injury or death. If you have suffered an injury because of a speeding truck driver, contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Oklahoma City Tractor Trailer Accidents

In a single moment, an Oklahoma City tractor-trailer accident can change your life. Every year, millions of Americans are injured in automobile accidents. Regardless of how safely you drive, a negligent truck driver can cause you serious injury. Following are tips on what to do if you are involved in an Oklahoma City semi truck accident:

Tips for tractor trailer accidents in Oklahoma

Stay calm and call 911: If you are in a tractor trailer accident in Oklahoma City it is important that you do not panic. If you have a cell phone, immediately call 911. Emergency services can quickly assist you, your passengers, and the other driver.

Seek medical attention: Regardless of how minor you may perceive your injuries to be, you must seek medical attention immediately. A doctor can assess your wounds and prevent smaller injuries from becoming worse. Additionally, if you plan on filing a lawsuit, your medical record will prove to be invaluable to your case. Your tractor trailer accident attorney in Oklahoma City will explain more.

Call an attorney: Second to seeing a doctor, calling a tractor trialer accident attorney in Oklahoma City is the most important decision you can make after being in a tractor-trailer accident in Oklahoma. First, an experienced attorney can negotiate with insurers. Many insurance companies will offer you a significantly low settlement in order to resolve the issue as cost-effectively as possible. A skilled tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Oklahoma City can preserve your best interests and help you receive just compensation. Additionally, your attorney can also hire investigators to collect evidence and reconstruct the accident. By using other expert witnesses, a knowledgeable lawyer can greatly increase the strength of your case.

Keep a journal: After the accident, you should start keeping a journal detailing your injuries on a daily basis. Make sure you note any changes in your condition. You should also write down any special events or work days you have missed as a result of your tractor trailer accident in Oklahoma City.