On-the-Job Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Work-related fatalities involve specific Texas work injury laws. And about half of these tragic work-related events might involve workers’ compensation insurance, in which case your beloved family member’s employer status relative to workers’ comp must be quickly established when planning any wrongful death civil action. An employer covered by workers’ comp in Texas is immune to lawsuits, with one particular exception. If a worker is killed due to gross negligence by their employer, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought against that employer. work place accident lawyers

A Texas wrongful death lawyer’s experience with both wrongful death cases and fatal work accident cases is a vital element when seeking compensatory justice against such a negligent employer. But the standard of proof is quite high if you are to establish a subscribing employer’s clear guilt of gross negligence. In the event that an employee dies while working for an employer protected by workers’ comp in which the employer only exercised standard negligence, a bereaved family can seek direct compensation for their loss only through the workers’ compensation insurance policy. But that amount is not likely to fully reimburse family members for the total lost income, or other damages from the fatal accident.

This is where the fatal work injury attorneys with our Law Firm begin to quickly investigate the accident in order to find other liable parties who may have been involved in some way, even if it was not overt, in contributing to the accident. This “third party” involvement is quite common in fatal workplace accidents. In instances where multiple parties bear liability for the death of a worker, a bereaved family may be able to seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit against every one of the “third” liable parties, in addition to filing for compensation through the workers’ comp policy that is carried by your family member’s employer. But there are also times when fatal injury accidents in the workplace are caused by defective products or machinery, which exposes the manufacturers to a possibly defective product lawsuit.

All of these issues can be quite challenging for those with little to no legal experience. But a well well-trained and experienced wrongful death attorney with our Law Firm is ready to use all his knowledge and skill to work for you so your loved one will not have died in vain.

Contact our wrongful death attorneys at our toll-free number 1(800) 862-1260 for a complimentary, confidential legal consultation. We can answer all your questions surrounding the possible pursuit of a wrongful death civil suit in Texas. Our goal is to help you come through this difficult time and strongly assert your family’s legal right to be fully compensated for your loss from all liable parties who are fully accountable for their negligent behavior. And with that peace of mind, you and your family can move forward with your lives, and you allow your deceased loved one to finally rest in peace.

18 Wheeler Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers

Automobile accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. However, 18 wheeler accidents in Texas are almost always much more devastating than passenger car collisions. Semi trucks can weigh more than twice as much as cars, have poor handling, and are difficult to stop. These already dangerous vehicles can lead to fatal accidents if they are in the hands of an irresponsible or negligent driver.

Reasons an 18 wheeler accident in may occur:

Driver fatigue: An exhausted or fatigued driver of an 18 wheeler is extremely dangerous to everyone on the road. Tired 18 wheeler drivers are not only less alert, but may also fall asleep and swerve into oncoming traffic. Sometimes 18 wheeler drivers will keep driving regardless of how many hours they have logged in order to stay on schedule.

Driver intoxication: Truckers who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose a serious danger to passenger cars. Their movements are often erratic and careless and can cause serious injury in the event of an accident. If you have been injured by an intoxicated driver, contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney   immediately.

Defective vehicle: Every component of an 18 wheeler must be maintained and in perfect working condition. Defective tires can fly off into traffic and cause serious accidents. Additionally, faulty brakes can prevent an 18 wheeler from stopping in time. A defective hitching system can also cause trailers to detach causing serious injury to other drivers.

Distracted driver: 18 wheeler drivers who are distracted in any way are hazardous to other drivers. Eating, drinking, cell phone usage, and other activities while driving can cause serious injury or even death.

Speeding: The chances of a truck driver causing a fatal accident increase significantly if he or she is speeding. Due to their massive size and weight, speeding trucks can cause catastrophic injury or death. If you have suffered an injury because of a speeding truck driver, contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer as soon as possible.