Oklahoma City Trucking accident Settlements & Verdicts

Our representative verdicts and settlements include:

Our client obtained a settlement in excess of a case where a truck drove into the rear of a family pick-up that had slowed for traffic. The mother and child suffered minor injuries, and the father suffered a three level lumbar disc injury.

In a confidential settlement, we successfully recovered on behalf of a family whose vehicle was struck by wheels that fell off a tractor-trailer on the interstate. One passenger suffered a severe lower limb fracture, and the others also suffered significant injuries.

On behalf of the parents of a young child who died after their car was hit by a truck that continued driving after running off the entry ramp to an interstate in a snowstorm, we recovered the entire liability policy of $1,000,000 plus a settlement for additional personal contribution from the truck owner.

RESOLVED Oklahoma truck accident settlements

Our client was the driver of an oil field delivery truck, stopped on the interstate for traffic. His day rig was struck by a long-haul semi tractor-trailer. He suffered neck injury resulting in surgery.

Our client was a semi driver asleep in his cab at a truck stop. Another semi tractor-trailer began leaving the adjacent parking place. It turned too soon dragging its trailer into the cab of our client’s semi. He was injured as he was jostled about inside the cab, suffering a non-surgical back injury.

Our client was driving on a state highway when a semi tractor-trailer, stopping for fuel, turned in front of her. She suffered back injury that resulted in surgery.

Our client’s husband was driving a delivery van along a state highway in the Oklahoma panhandle. He attempted to pass a pick-up hauling road equipment when it turned left in front of him. Our client’s husband was killed.

Our client suffered a low back injury resulting in surgery when his semi tractor-trailer struck the rear of a semi tractor trailer which was entering the interstate. Our client could not move into the passing lane because it was occupied.

Truck accident settlements in Oklahoma

Our client was injured when his pick-up was struck in the rear by a semi tractor-trailer while trying to exit the highway. He suffered injury to three lumbar discs, which were non-surgical because of the number of discs involved.

Our client was injured when a farmer pulled his trailer in front of her as he entered the highway from a private drive. She suffered cartilage injury to her knee that required a total knee replacement.

Our client was a new graduate from truck driving school who had been driving for less than a week. He driving his rig with his training driver and was rear-ended by another semi tractor-trailer. Our client had to undergo lumbar surgery.

Our client was an elderly woman who was injured when a semi tractor-trailer struck a passenger car traveling in the opposite direction, pushing it into her path. She suffered injury to her knees, which is expected to result in her eventual need for knee replacement surgery. It was discovered that there were irregularities in the drug tests of the operator of the semi tractor-trailer.

Our client suffered elbow injuries when his pick-up slid off the road because of ice on the roadway. Dump trucks had been hauling river-bed rock from a nearby property and water had been spilling from the bed onto the road and freezing.

Trucking accident settlements in Oklahoma
Our client suffered lumbar and cervical injuries requiring surgery when his Firebird was rear-ended by a semi tractor-trailer at a roadway construction

A young child was killed when a semi tractor-trailer operator drove off the road while trying to turn onto an on-ramp to enter an interstate highway. Rather than get stuck in the snow, the semi continued to drive across the snow covered grass to the interstate, hitting a family car. (Policy limits plus contribution)

Our client suffered a severe broken leg when a semi tractor-trailer lost a set of trailer wheels while traveling along an interstate.

Our clients were the family of two undocumented aliens who were installing cross-over cable along a highway. They were killed when a wheel came off of a trailer being pulled by a pick-up.